Patty’s stretching classes are the MOST beneficial and anticipated for any working person. She leads you through an extensive full body stretch, literally from head to toe. She recognizes the common pains and issues of the working person (typically seated for hours on end), and makes sure to focus the stretches to help alleviate pains associated with sitting at a computer for long periods of time (neck/shoulders, poor posture, low back pain, stiff hips, tight legs, etc). She coaches you through proper breathing techniques, to help reduce stress and get the most out of every single stretch. She combines some of the most beneficial yoga poses with classic and creative stretches, and gives you just the right amount of time, which lets your body sink in to the pose without straining. With Patty’s experience, knowledge and professional background, she is well versed in helping anyone with an injury or physical restriction, to find a comfortable position, making these classes accessible and invaluable to absolutely everyone. Her stretch classes leave you feeling all wrung out, relieved of stress/tension, and helps make for a better night’s sleep.

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