An Invigorating Workout

My custom pool workouts focus on performing full body exercises to improve muscular strength while keeping your joints safe. This is not your typical "aqua aerobics" session...pool fitness is an awesome low-impact type of exercise, with a variety of water-based techniques. The intensity of the workout is determined by your own physical effort.

Just having your body being submerged requires you to exercise, since every move you make must resist the continual force of water against your body. You can feel support and massage to your body, while being in the water can enable and assist you in the recovery of injuries, surgeries or other health conditions. Training in the pool is safe, effective, refreshing, and fun!

I have been training clients in the pool for 10 years and it is a unique way to sculpt your entire body in the late spring, summer and early fall months. Sessions are held either in my pool (in Neptune Beach) or yours. And, I supply all equipment so you get the most benefit from each workout!


Custom Workouts

Fun, customized pool workouts that are properly aligned with your ability level and personal goals.

Functional Exercises

I focus on compound, multi-joint movements & exercises to tone muscles from head-to-toe.

Cardio Training

With the water adding perpetual resistance, pool training is an excellent source of cardiovascular fitness.

Flexibility Training

We end each pool session with a full body stretch to alleviate muscle & joint stiffness and feel completely invigorated.

Benefits of Pool Workouts

  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Develops Balance and Coordination
  • Safety in Low Impact Exercises
  • Builds Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Stress
  • Burns Calories
  • Great Full Body Workout
  • Increases Lung Capacity

Water exercise can help improve cardiovascular endurance or rehabilitate a chronic source of pain. This is also great for overweight individuals looking to ease into light exercise, or for those who may be physically unable to full weight-bear or walk enough to effectively burn calories, to start losing weight and developing muscle tone.

Pool Training Targets Every Muscle Simultaneously

EVERY single muscle in your body gets an incredible workout burn when you move against the resistance of the water. The water weights, paddles, pull buoy, pool noodle and use of cords will work your chest, shoulders, back, arms and core to it's entirety. The kick board, jogger belt, aqua runners and swim fins will help sculpt your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves like you wouldn't believe! Your heart rate also maintains a strong level for the entire duration of the session.

Why Everyone Loves Pool Training

There are many reasons why people find pool training so appealing...

First, it allows you to do higher intensity exercise movements in the water without the impact and compression on your discs, bones and joints that can be associated with most land-based training. Water buoyancy helps to protect and relieve the joints in your body. For those who suffer from arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms, water exercise is the most effective way to begin progressing your strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility with increasing range of motion - pain free.

Second, pool training can be pleasantly deceptive, because you don't get nearly as sore as you would when doing a land-based workout, but the physical results your body can attain are incredible. Third, for those of us who have generally stiff muscles and joints, by working out underwater, it can help make you more flexible and naturally loosen you up.

Lastly, after your pool workout you typically feel a deep tired that you don't associate with muscle soreness -  it comes from bouts of oxygen restriction and changes to your breathing patterns. And to top it all off, one pool workout means a solid night of deep sleep!


Pool Training is Great For...

  • triathletes needing variety
  • athletes- surfers, golfers, football/soccer/basketball/tennis/volleyball players, dancers, skaters
  • anyone with a joint injury or previous surgery
  • pregnant or expectant women
  • those in need of a rehabilitative option to exercise more intensely
  • individuals looking for an effective way to change up the monotony of their current workout routine
  • anyone who is just starting back to exercise and may feel apprehensive to use machines or weights at the gym

Pool workouts are highly recommended by famous big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton

"Exercising underwater also creates tremendous benefits by challenging your body in ways you can't on dry land." - Laird Hamilton

laird hamilton sup

Says Hamilton - "The underwater workout produces a deep level of exertion because it takes more effort to move through water. Water is 800 times as dense as air, so it creates pressure on your body, which increases your blood flow. When you breathe while most of your body is submerged, the pressure forces your lungs to exhale with greater force because you have to push the air out. And there's even a theory that being underwater enables your lymphatic system to circulate at an optimal rate, doing in 24 hours what in a sedentary person could take three to five days. So spending time in the pool or ocean can help cycle and clean your body."


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