Hitting your perfect weight, bursting with energy, and feeling fabulous requires an eating plan based on balance, good habits and sustainability over time – and backed by living proof from hundreds of clients who’ve exceeded their goals and kept it up for years.

But, to do that we need an approach that:

1. Will produce exactly the results we want, while
2. Still enabling us to enjoy ourselves, without having to rearrange our entire lives and schedules.

Often we’re led to believe those two goals are mutually exclusive.

But, that’s only because most diets and fitness programs impose unsustainable rules, rigid restrictions and, frankly, unhealthy practices that make it impossible to have both, and often force people back into bad emotional- and stress-eating habits.


INTRODUCING: The Fit Body Way Nutrition Guide & Cookbook


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My guides are here to help you get where you want to be: FEELING HAPPY, HEALTHY and ENERGETIC; LOVING THE WAY YOU LOOK!



The Fit Body Way teaches you how to make healthy choices throughout each day that will help you radiate from the inside-out, and achieve your dream body! The nutrition principles outlined in my guide are exactly what I've had in practice for the past 13 years, working hands-on with clients of all ages and body types.

What's Included:

  1. My daily food quantity recommendations, meal-by-meal, for burning fat and building lean muscle.
  2. How to build the perfect meal to burn fat
  3. Tips to speed up a sluggish metabolism
  4. How to structure your day for food and fitness success
  5. Tips for weekly meal prep to make healthy eating a breeze
  6. Restaurant ordering guide...so, you can still go out without crashing your results
  7. Approved grocery list
  8. Easy meals for busy individuals and families
  9. 14-day food calendar…our foolproof plan for success
  10. Tips for meal prep and making healthy eating convenient and fast
  11. The truth about protein, carbs and fat…and, how to incorporate eat to sculpt your dream body
  12. 100's of Recipes at your fingertips

**The books are available for immediate download and are conveniently viewable on any device!


$37 - BUY NOW!


The best, longest-lasting results are always found from a diet to which you can commit to…for good.

It’s not just that you feel bad when you fall off the diet wagon (which was not exactly steady and stable in the first place); yo-yo dieting also has serious long-term effects on the body that wrecks your metabolism, deprives you of critical nutrients, and damages your body’s ability to heal itself.

The Fit Body Way's 3 Pillars for Success

Easy to Get Started

My daily nutrition principals will feel completely natural and start working immediately to burn fat and boost energy. I'll show you how to effortlessly implement these principles into your everyday life. NO crazy to follow detoxing, fasting or cleanses that starve your body and wrecks your metabolism.

Convenient To Your Life

Who has time and money to waste? Eating healthy does not have to be a hassle nor expensive see great results. I give time saving tips for shopping and meal prep to make each day a breeze. Im gonna show you how to schedule your days and your eating habits to maximize success.

Sustainable Over Time

 This is the most important of all. What good is so-called accelerated fat loss if it cant be maintained? The Fit Body Way is not another fad diet...It can easily be followed every single day, no matter where you are. My daily nutrition principals feel totally natural, leaving you feeling completely satisfied and amazing.


I'll show you how to eat all the foods you love...Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Cuban - comfort foods, fresh veggies, delicious marinated meats and cool smoothies.



Patty equips you with the tools and direction to reach your goals. I'm down 10-15 pounds, I'm stronger. But most of all, I am excited that I feel good and have energy!! I'm grateful for her gift and willingness to help people!! – Shiana Lee


Delivering Positive Change You Can Visibly See & Feel Within 30 Days

#1 - Straightforward Daily Nutrition Principals

#2 - Simple-to-Prepare, Delicious Fat Burning Meals

#3 - Easy-to-Find Ingredients

#4 - Kitchen Appliances You Already Own

#5 - Family-Friendly & Kid Approved

#6 - 14-Day Follow-Along Meal Calendar

#6 - Cost Saving Strategies

I’ll teach you the secrets to making proper nutrition easy to implement into YOUR life – AND – I’ll show you how to create delicious, fat-burning meals that taste great and are quick and easy to prepare, even if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen.

Get Both The Nutrition Guide AND Cookbook for Just $37!


$37 - BUY NOW!