Range Of Motion (ROM) Stretch Therapy


ROM Stretch Therapy is a therapeutic hands-on stretching session dedicated to alleviating sore, stiff muscles and increasing overall flexibility and joint range of motion. The experience of ROM Therapy can sometimes be described as a sort of “massage for your joints.” Every single person who walks away from a ROM session expresses in one way or another that they feel absolutely amazing, wholesome, renewed and pain-free.

Each ROM session is personally customized with specific stretches and postures for an individual's needs. The gentlest approach with passive range of motion will stretch and release every area of tightness in your body, with natural pain relief. ROM Stretch Therapy can also help improve faulty posture, help give you a more restful night’s sleep, increase blood circulation, promote more quality breathing, and prevent injuries.

Simply put, ROM Therapy will awaken and rejuvenate even the deepest of muscle fibers, to allow your body to feel more youthful and comfortable.



Customized ROM Stretch Therapy Based On Your Body's Needs

Expect full-body work with passive range of motion, using gentle and safe progressions into deeper stretching postures. I do most of the 'work' while you relax and breathe deep. ROM Stretch Therapy includes the most effective functional stretches designed to target deeper into the muscle tissues, where you may feel acute or chronic pain from joint stiffness and muscular pain. Relaxation is key, and I will coach you through deep breathing techniques, which will help you relax and let go of conscious and sub-conscious muscle guarding, allowing for a deeper stretch and release of each muscle in tension.

Major Benefits of ROM Stretch Therapy

  • Alleviate constant lower back pain
  • Decrease stiff neck and shoulders
  • Relieve stress and muscle tension
  • Relieve joint tension and aches
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Improve posture
  • Improve athletic ability by increasing range of motion and rotation

Aliments Commonly Treated with ROM

  • Back, neck, shoulder & knee pain
  • sciatic nerve
  • frozen shoulder
  • arthritis pain
  • headaches & migraines
  • pinched nerves
  • fibromyalgia
  • muscle sprains, strains & tears

ROM Therapy is most effective for reducing muscle tightness; especially upper and lower back pains, neck strains, and painful spasms that may refer pain into another muscle group by a connecting nerve branch. This session may create a gentle wringing sensation to each individual muscle group. Increase your joint range of motion for safety and unlimited mobility as you’ll feel renewed with better physical ability and flexibility.

How I Developed ROM Stretch Therapy

I developed ROM Therapy step-by-step by learning the benefits of holding stretching postures coupled with deep breathing: learning to relax when a muscle was tight, to discover how much more the elasticity in the muscle can lengthen safely.

My knowledge of the musculature and joints functional range of motion also helps. My degree in athletic training assisted by helping me understand anatomy at a deep level: seeing the muscle fibers, tendon attachment sites, etc. (As part of my education, I dissected a human cadaver to discover the structures underneath the skin, all the way to the bone. It was a somber but thoroughly educational experience.)

Practicing yoga has helped me to add more variety to the sequence of stretches; it is part of the reason why my ROM Therapy leaves my clients feeling so relaxed and refreshed.

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