Partner & Small Group Personal Training

This service is designed for 2 or more people to share a customized personal training session. Partner training sessions are a perfect fit for friends, workout buddies and couples that share similar health and fitness goals. It's a more cost effective way to get personal training.

Partner Training Sessions are perfect for:

  • friends/couples fitness training to lose weight and tone up
  • workout buddies that have hit a plateau with their normal routine
  • friends/couples training for an upcoming race or event
  • those looking for a more cost effective personal training service

If you do not have a partner, but want to participate in partner or small group training, I will be happy to pair you with one of my current groups.

Benefits of Partner Training Sessions

This format of fitness training is fun, motivating, encouraging, and may give you the urge to engage in a little friendly competition. Each workout plan is customized to progress both of your individual abilities in strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Certain exercises may also be performed together. The guidance you will receive in each training session will help keep you and your partner(s) accountable to reach your goals in the most safe and effective way.



A Complimentary Consultation

An initial consultation is necessary in order to establish your short-term and long-term goals, and to review your medical histories, any past surgeries, or current health conditions. Your day-to-day activity levels and eating habits will also be assessed, and put toward devising a training plan that would best suit both partners needs.

Your First Training Session

We will go through a full fitness evaluation including body composition and an overall fitness test, which includes: strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility testing. Individualized body composition will be determined by weight, height, body mass index (BMI), girth measurements and body fat percentage. All of these findings will be recorded confidentially and re-evaluated throughout the duration of your partner training program.

On-Going Training Sessions & Education

In each session, you will learn how to move more freely and effectively, with poise and grace. With a customized workout plan made specifically for you and your partner, the best results are seen when you mentally, emotionally, and physically dedicate yourself to your goals.

Exercise needs to begin with proper technique. Not only does it matter to have correct form in all positions and motions, you will be also be protected from potential injuries that commonly arise with poor execution and faulty body mechanics.


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