Video – Top 4 At-Home Back Exercises

The back is an important area of the body – both in form and function – as toning the back muscles has a big effect on both our body’s overall shape and health. Functionally, any and all pulling movements that we do in life are initiated by the back. Additionally, faulty body posture and most aches or pains can be alleviated when you have properly developed, strong back musculature.

Training the back may come with some confusion, as some people associate working the back muscles with having to hit the gym to use isolation machines, lift heavy weight or be able to do mounds of pull-ups. Allow me to shed some light in this department of exercise knowledge. 🙂

In this video I’m demonstrating some of my favorite back exercises to do at home, using just a resistance band. Perform all exercises in order, for 2 rounds at 20 reps for each exercise. When you are able to easily complete 2 rounds, go for 3 rounds and try a stronger resistance band for more challenge and greater toning.

Back Exercises In The Video

Lat Pulldown – works the whole back, with specific focus on the lats, muscles right below the armpits

lat pulldown with resistance band

Low Row – works the whole back. With this exercise, engage the rhomboids (muscles between the blades) and imagine your shoulder blades wrapping around a pole.

low row with resistance band

Straight Arm Press Down – works lats and triceps, rear delts and core

straight arm press down with resistance band

Upright Row – works the front and middle of the shoulders (anterior and medial deltoids)

upright row with resistance band