Quick Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Hey guys! In this video I’m going to share with you a really quick HIIT workout that you can do at home or anywhere else, as long as you just have a kettlebell. Each exercise is only one minute long and it’s going to target the legs, the abs, and the shoulders. So let’s get started!
1. Wide Squat with Overhead Press

So the first exercise is going to be a wide squat with an overhead press. So take your feet out wide, shift your weight in toward the heels, not towards the toes, so you can keep your knees safe. We’re going to flip that kettlebell underneath your chin and start to drive your hips down and back, with the weight in the heels again. Then, explode up, press from the heels and lift.

Inhale on your way down. Exhale on the way up. Make sure you’re maintaining a nice strong spine at the top of your move, squeezing the glutes tight and sending those arms straight up overhead. Remember, this is just one minute.

2. Deadlift with Upright Row

The next exercise is a dead lift with an upright row. Start with your feet at hip width distance apart. Make sure your toes are facing straight ahead for good alignment. Push your weight into the heels, making sure there’s no pressure into the toes. Then pull your shoulders back and down your spine. Maintain nice strong posture and draw your belly in. We’re going to tip from your hips, send that weight down. We’re looking straight ahead, maybe about three feet in front. Driving your hips back up and lifting your elbows towards your ears.

Keep your movement easy, slow and controlled. Exhale on the way up and exhale down. At the top we’re going to squeeze your glutes. Maintain those feet position. Keep your hips back, flat back, five up and lift. Squeeze your butt, and again. Remember, this is like also just a minute long.

3. Wide Kettlebell Swing with Alternating Arms

The last exercise is a wide kettlebell swing, alternating arms. So step your feet out wide. Similar to where you were in the first exercise. Push your hips back and your weight in your heels. Take your hand to the core of that kettlebell. Take your other hand behind your back. I’m going to start swinging, so drop your hips, sit back, lift, down, switch. If you feel like you’re maybe not so coordinated to do this just yet, you can always do it just on one side for about 30 seconds and then switch.

So that’s it! So quick! I would recommend spending about 15 to 30 seconds in between each exercise that way your heart rate can recover and you can feel good about starting your next exercise. Remember to stay hydrated both before and after your workout.

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