The Truth About Fat-Free And No-Carb

Deprivation is not the answer, people. If you are feeling lethargic, fatigued, or low energy, you are most likely to be lacking essential nutrients. If you are on a fat-free or no-carb diet, snap back into reality! These crazy types of diets are not a safe thing to do to your body. Pay attention to the types of foods you’re eating throughout the day. What sufficient nutrients to they provide your body? Know this: our bodies rely on carbohydrates and fats as the main sources energy.

Most people should try to consume between 40% and 60% of their total daily calories from carbohydrates, preferably from complex carbohydrates (starches) and natural sugars (fresh fruits). Complex carbohydrates provide calories, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Highly processed foods have refined simple sugars which provide calories, but very little nutrition. Good rule of thumb: limit or eliminate those types from your diet.

Complex carbohydrates include fruits & vegetables, whole-grain rice, breads & cereals, and legumes (ie: beans, lentils, and dried peas).

Ideas for “good fats” include: avocados, unsalted almonds/walnuts/peanuts, salmon, extra virgin olive oil, lean meats, eggs, and cheese.