Timeless Health Advice From Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne at 71
Jack LaLanne at 71

Jack LaLanne was the original American fitness icon. Often referred to as the “Godfather of Fitness” and the “First Fitness Superhero”, LaLanne was one of the very first to publicly preach about the positive health benefits of regular exercise and a good diet, which he did on his long running TV show: The Jack LaLanne Show – which, ran nationally from 1959 – 1985 (26 years!).

Jack LaLanne has inspired MILLIONS of people to take control of their health through proper diet and daily exercise. His advice on diet and exercise is timeless, still relevant in today’s fast-paced, pre-packed and overly-processed world.

What I love most about watching these old videos is how passionate Jack LaLanne was about not only helping others get fit, but more importantly boosting overall quality of life through self-improvement. Today, much of the same principals that LaLanne preached about on his show still hold true. So, below I’m sharing 2 of my favorite videos from the Jack LaLanne Show: Jack’s 10 Point Plan for Self Improvement and Jack’s Sample Meal Plan:

Jack LaLanne’s 10 Point Plan For Better Health & Overall Wellness

Jack LaLanne’s Sample Meal Plan

*side note – I’m not a huge fan of cottage cheese as a “healthy” food, as back in the 1960’s it was a little less processed than today. Today, I would suggest organic non-fat greek yogurt OR quinoa/farro (both are complex grains with good protein) over cottage cheese.

And, for fun…here’s a video of Jack LaLanne on his 70th birthday towing 70 small boats with 70 people (1 in each boat) 1.5 miles in strong wind and current, from the Queen’s Way Bridge in Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary…the man was a BEAST!

You can check out more of his lifetime fitness milestones here. Jack LaLanne passed away in 2011 at the age of 96. But, more impressive than living to be 96 years old, is the fact that he exercised and continued to conquer milestones everyday right up to the end.

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