Workout Gear for Hot Weather

It is extremely important to sport proper attire while working out. This is especially true for areas with brutal heat, like those in North Florida. Knowing the right fabrics and colors that are compatible with the heat can prolong your workout experience and allow you to make the best of your workout. Here are a few durable product options that can help you endure or beat the heat…

1.     Dri-Fit Shorts           

Dri-fit shorts are sweat absorbing and reduces chaffing. Nike is a great brand for dri-fit shorts due to the lasting quality. Other types can be irritating, with fabric that gets stuck to your skin during perspiration. These shorts can eliminate rashes from sweat running down your legs, and make for a more comfortable workout. Stop by your local sporting goods store to find Nike dri-fit shorts.
2.     Sports Bras/ Tanks        

When considering sports bras or tanks in hot weather conditions, it is a good idea to stay away from cotton. Heat is attracted to cotton, especially darker colors. Sports bras that can give you breathability and flexiblity are the way to go. Champion is a durable brand that gets the job done, as it allows your body to move freely and stay cool. Tanks that are tightly fitted offer more flexibility and sweat absorption features. This brand can be found at your local Target or Walmart.
3.     Hats      

Workout hats are specifically designed to regulate temperatures. Buying a hat that has moisture control prevents sweat from trickling down into your eyes. Having to constantly wipe sweat out of your eyes can be a hassle and may disrupt your workout. Remember moisture control + breathability = a successful workout without distraction. Again, Nike is a great brand for hats and usually has a long life span.

4. Socks         

When people buy socks to work out in, many opt for thin, or low rise. Mistake #1. Wearing thin socks make it easy to accumulate more perspiration in a short amount of time. As there becomes less support between your foot and shoe, an ever-not-so-lovely foot blister may pay you a visit. Drymax is popular brand for socks that help reduce friction (which causes blisters). If you are under the impression that will keep your feet cooler, guess again. Drymax is a much better choice for working out in humid conditions, as they offer more comfort and support. These socks can be found at Jacksonville Running Company and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Take care of your feet, because you couldn’t stand to be without them 😉

So remember… working out in hot weather doesn’t have to defeat your desire to exercise. Making sure your clothes are compatible with the weather allows for a smoother and more comfortable workout. Any clothing with a dri-fit or heat absorption quality is the way to stay cool in an un-cool environment.