Exercise is Medicine – Part 1: Endless Benefits, Mind-Blowing Results

girl running with city backgroundMovement to your body is the equivalent of oil to your car’s engine…it just makes it run better, longer, stronger and smoother.

Exercise – The Natural High

Some call it a workout high…the feeling of strength, relaxation and cleansing that happens with a really good workout. It’s true, something special does happen when you being to exercise and workout regularly: your heart begins to pump stronger sending fresh oxygen throughout your body, your muscles wake up and feel alive, your adrenaline is firing on all cylinders and your mental state becomes ultra clear…you start to glow.

Exercise Is The True Anti-Aging Drug

Exercise is the single greatest thing you can do for your body AND mind. In fact, exercise coupled with proper diet and nutrition is the true key to health, anti-aging and strong longevity by strengthening your muscles, cleansing your internal organs and clearing your mind.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise has been shown to:

  • strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system
  • improve circulation
  • improve oxygen consumption and use by the body
  • increase energy levels and endurance
  • strengthen bones
  • improve sleep…help with insomnia
  • reduce stress
  • help you relax and feel rested
  • improve balance
  • decrease body fat which aids organ function

Exercise & Nutrition: Make It A Lifestyle, NOT A Stylish Fad

Over the past few years, exercise seems to have taken a backseat to nutrition and diet when it comes to health-related conversation, with so much more focus being given to: organic vs. non-organic, gluten, meat vs. vegetarian vs. vegan, various super foods, herbal supplements, “health” drinks and juices, etc.

Dont get me wrong, these are important factors to consider. But, it’s easy to get caught up in the media hype. However, in-terms of getting the body to repeatedly perform the actions that it is supposed to with ease, then exercise is crucial.

Exercise = Endless Benefits, Mind Blowing Results

Those wanting to make lasting changes to their body and mind should have a heavy focus on incorporating various types of exercise into their everyday lives. Aerobic, resistance and flexibility are the 3 forms of exercise that should be of core focus for optimal health and body function.

Click here forPart 2 , which is focused on how various forms of exercise affect your body. 

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