“I Don’t Have Time to Workout”…And, Other Common Excuses People Use

no excuses - sign, clouds, sunshine“I dont have time to workout,” this is something I hear ALL the time from people. This is a ridiculous statement, one that’s not even true. You DO have time. In one single day, everyone is given the exact same amount of time, but what you do with your time is completely up to you!

Let’s dig a little deeper and figure out which excuse(s) you have told yourself, or even said out loud to someone else. You may find that you have used more than just one, and that you’ve used it multiple times!

10 Excuses That May Be Preventing You From Exercising + 10 Ways To Overcome The Excuses

1. You are a workaholic

Your days are somehow filled with unending hours of work. By the end of the day, you feel you’re completely exhausted and have no energy left to give toward exercising.

Overcome it:

If you want to continue working, making money, and being successful, you MUST give your own body the daily appointed time dedicated to improving your health. Let’s face it.. when you aren’t healthy and fit, your body just isn’t efficient and you are at risk for higher stress levels, meaning a shorter lifespan to enjoy spending the money you were working so hard to earn. #Make the time.

2. You lack motivation

Your day is full, but realistically there are a few solid unnecessary hours that you spend elsewhere – in front of the tv, on the computer, on your phone, or maybe just take too long to complete tasks. You may tend to get distracted easily, or even self-diagnosed yourself with a slight case of attention deficit disorder (A.D.D.).

Overcome it:

This is an even more crucial time to get with the program. The minute your body gets settled into the lazy/laxidaisy mode, the harder it is to come out of it. Find something/someone, anything/ anyone who can help motivate you to get your body up and moving, in one way or another. Whether is it as basic as a simple walk around the neighborhood once or twice a day. #Move it or lose it.

3. You have been/are injured

You have at some time, somehow.. hurt a body part, maybe even had surgery. The doctor may have even told you to in order to heal.. you need to ‘rest’ and/or ‘not exercise’.

Overcome it:

Okay, so sometimes the doctor may have a good point – you do need to rest the area. But since exercise is medicine.. the other parts of your body that aren’t injured and don’t need to be rested better be making up for the part that does need rest. Your blood still needs to circulate, your muscles still need to function, and your bones still need to move. Find out from your trusted certified personal trainer, or exercise specialist/physical therapist which safe exercises can still be done while you are resting your injured area. #Put your working muscles in motion.

3a. You don’t want to get hurt

You have seen yourself or heard about people getting injured in multiple ways, and you just can’t afford to be out of commission and away from work, etc.

Overcome it:

This is a common statement, and honestly- who does want to get hurt? No one. But guess what, by not exercising, you aren’t saving your body from any pains aches or problems.. you may actually be helping to contribute to them soon. Our bodies were made to be in motion, to operate as a multi-directional, multi-functional human machine. The stronger your muscles are, the safer your joints. The safer your joints are, the easier you can move. So contact your trusty certified personal trainer to give you at least the general in’s and out’s of how to exercise safely, with proper form. #Get educated and exercise the “right way”.

4. You are afraid to get “bulky”

For some reason you think that if you start working out, you will soon become a body builder with more muscles than you know what to do with. Although this is a classic old wives tale, and after all these years, you are still afraid that it could still happen to you.

Overcome it:

First, if you have any idea what it takes for real body builders to attain the physique they have, you should already feel a bit of relief. Bodybuilding is an art. It takes time, dedication, and serious training – dieting and hard core workouts. As long as you find the right type of exercise that your body responds best to, you will have no problem ditching that earlier thought of turning into a big bulky body. #Get real, find what works for you.

5. You were never the sporty type

You were never in sports growing up, and you aren’t into being competitive with anyone or anything.

Overcome it:

Exercise is classified in so many different ways. Just because you weren’t ever into sports doesn’t mean you can’t be fit or in shape. Walking is an exercise. The motion from standing to sitting is an exercise (called a squat). Movements you do all day, everyday are also considered exercises (termed as functional). So by doing the things you already do in your normal daily routine, you are already halfway to a dedicated exercise routine. Add repetitions to your movements, and add weights to your repetitions and voila! #Train smarter, and harder.

6. You don’t like dirty gyms

You feel disgusted to just think of the hundreds of people who have touched, sat, sweated and breathed all over the machines or exercise mats. Plus, you don’t have a clue as to what to do at your own house, and exercise videos you bought make you feel silly.

Overcome it:

Point taken, and completely understood. However, that is not a good enough reason to stop you from exercising. Your current living space is loaded with exercise potential. There are hundreds of exercises that you can do on the floor, in a chair, or from the wall.. just to name a few. Of course, you may want to sign up for a session or more with your trusted in home certified personal trainer to give you a list of ideas to get started. #Get creative in the comfort of your own home.

7. You’re just TIRED

You feel blah, sleepy, lazy, or slow moving – you’re not sure why, but you know that you just don’t feel like you have much energy.

Overcome it:

For whatever reason, you just can’t seem to kick the tired feeling. Maybe you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Maybe you have a B-vitamin deficiency because of your current diet. Maybe you are dehydrated. All of these can be combatted by making small changes to your daily routine. Make yourself do a little exercise each day, and it should start to create a snowball effect, and generate the energy you’ve been missing. #Make a change to feel the results.

8. You used to be active

In previous years, you were in better shape, exercised all the time. But lately, you’ve just gotten out of the habit of exercising regularly.

Overcome it:

“Used to” is so past tense. But you do still vividly remember how good you felt, how great you looked, and the activities you enjoyed doing… back then. The good news is, you are still the same person you were, but your priorities have changed, and if you aren’t still feeling good, looking great, and being the active body you once were, it is time to re-assess those priorities. #Re-create your goals, and become your best self again.

9. You don’t know how/where to start

You may be so out of shape, possibly even embarrassed to ask for help from anyone.

Overcome it:

The longer you wait to get help, the worse off you can become. It is important to let a trusted certified personal fitness professional help you to figure out the best course of action for your situation. Especially with the option of having an in-home personal trainer come to you.. it makes it hard to say no. #Get help when you know you need it.

10. You just can’t get into a routine

You get into exercising on a normal schedule for a while and feel great! Then something happens, or a weekend comes around and the schedule is thrown off, and your once normal exercise routine is non-existant.

Overcome it:

The bottom line is, you MUST stick to the schedule. Once you stay in the habit, it magically doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore. #Stay motivated.

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