Fall Fitness Updates from Fitness by Patty

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share a few BIG updates with you as it appears we are now in full swing with FALL. Can you believe Thanksgiving is just 2.5 weeks away!

First and foremost, if you missed my last post that shows 2 Super Stretches to cure Low Back Pain – then, I encourage you to check it out. I know a lot of people suffer from chronic low back pain, and these 2 easy stretches can really help!

figure 4 stretch for low back pain

Click here to learn the stretches

We received a lot of positive feedback from people trying these!!

Product Launches

This was a groundbreaking summer for the Fitness by Patty crew, as we were very busy putting the final touches on our first 2 products: The Fit Body Way and Fitness for Surfers.


the fit body way - png logo

As you may already know, earlier this fall I introduced The Fit Body Way – my lean-body nutrition guide and cookbook.

FBW Full Product Layout


The Nutrition Guide outlines the nutrition plan and program that I’ve had in-practice with all of personal training clients for the past 10 years.

The Cookbook & Recipe guide features 100+ delicious, healthy recipes. Including: breakfast, wraps, salad and dressings, entrees, sauces and marinades, side dishes, snacks and smoothies. All recipes are easy and quick to prepare, using ingredients you can readily find at your local grocery store.

PS – there are some excellent side dish options for Thanksgiving in the Cookbook…they’ll definitely be a hit with your family and friends!

Click Here To learn more about The Fit Body Way


fitness for surfers - png logo

Last Spring we started on a project that we’ve been very excited about: training and stretching programs for surfers. Today we are officially launching our 2nd product: Fitness for Surfers

Fitness for Surfers is a progressive 3-level training and stretching program that includes:

  • 4 workout videos
  • 3 stretching videos
  • 8 post-workout meals and smoothies
  • Program Guide – teaches you how to progress through each level and how to properly structure workouts and stretching throughout the week.


The workouts and stretching routines can be done anywhere: home, gym, hotel room, beach and best of all no equipment is required!!

Click Here to Learn more about Fitness for Surfers

We just published our first post on Fitness for Surfers – Click Here to read and watch the video on the #1 Shoulder Pre-/Rehab Video for Surfers

rotator cuff exercise

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Last item – be on the lookout early next week for my annual Healthy Thanksgiving Survival Guide…I’ll be sharing tips on making Thanksgiving as healthy and happy, as possible – so it’s still delicious and fun, but not tanking any positive progress you’ve made with your fitness.

Big Hugs,