Food Revolution Day is May 19th – Get Involved!!

May 19th is Food Revolution Day!

Food Revolution Day is a movement that looks to bring greater awareness and education to children (and, more importantly their parents) regarding their diet and health.

Today, there are over 43 million children in the US under the age of 5 that are overweight and/or obese. Unfortunately, proper food and diet education is not being taught or regulated at school or at home. School lunches are a disaster…poor quality food with very little nutrients, but loaded with chemicals and sugars. Furthermore, food education has practically been erased from the school curriculum. This is leading to greater disease and health risks, as well as poorer performance in school.

So, visit the official website: – there’s a lot of great information + recipes + Jamie Oliver (yes, the celebrity chef) will doing a live broadcast on Google Hangout at 8pm est on May 19th, titled Dinner with Jamie.

Also, check out my Food & Nutrition Guide – it’s full of helpful information about eating well. You’ll find helpful guides detailing when, where and how to buy nutritious food, as well as a complete list of local farmers markets, rules of thumb for everyday eating AND my Fountain of Youth Water Recipe.

Read the infographic below…and, let me know what you think!

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