How Diet Soda Leads to Weight Gain & the Role Acidic Foods Play in Your Health

Do you ever wonder why you can’t lose the extra weight, or that lingering layer of fat around your midsection, even though you only drink “zero-calorie” diet sodas? Watch this video to learn the facts about what happens on the chemical side, as it relates to acid and alkaline on the pH scale.

The entire video is enlightening and educational however, the topic of diet soda specifically is right around the 6:25 time spot. Pay attention, and after watching the video, scroll down and take my mini POP Quiz! 🙂


“POP” Quiz

 **Please leave your answers in the comments section of this post**

1. What is the #1 source of calories in America? __________

2. The average American drinks how much soda in 1 year? __________

3. On the pH scale, what kind of acid does diet soda fall beside? __________

4. What are the 2 things you need to do to balance your body’s pH levels? 1)_____&_____ , and 2) ___________


One Response

  • 1. soda
    2.150 quarts of soda a year
    3. phosphoric acid
    4. drink plenty of water and eat veggies

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