Thanksgiving Day Thought

Some people have this idea that Thanksgiving meals should consist of eating as much as you can, and stuffing yourself to a full belly – which may soon turn into utter discomfort. But it does not have to be this way…

Let’s think this one through:

The more you eat, the fuller you get.

The fuller you get, the less you want to move.

The less you move, the more you gain…in weight.

The more weight you gain, and the less you move, the harder it becomes to get motivated for exercise (especially right after a Thanksgiving dinner). So if you missed a local Turkey Trot, or long running event on Thanksgiving day, I hope you consider taking a long walk, bike ride, or playing a game of chase to get your blood flowing, and expend the extra calories – especially if you want to lose a few pounds. Don’t give into the tempting food coma nap after you eat. Get moving!