Post-Thanksgiving Day Tips

The biggest shopping day of the year comes at the most convenient time: The day after Thanksgiving. After you eat ’til you pop, take the next day to shop ’til you drop. You can turn Black Friday into a long endurance workout! Take these ideas into consideration:

1. Be Flexible.

Don’t be afraid to park a little further and make the hike to your stores. You’ll burn extra calories on the way and build cardiovascular endurance…and beat the slow pokes who are waiting to find closer parking spaces.

2. Be Fast.

The quicker you move, the higher your metabolism could grow. Fast walking is just as effective as jogging, without the high-impact stress on your joints. Your speed may even score you the last available hot-ticket item before the next guy can get to it.

3. Be Strong.

If you start to acquire more bags or buy some larger items, condense them into one or two strong bags. You will build muscular strength in your arms, legs, and core…while carrying them back to your car, then going back for more.