My Favorite Smoothie Recipes – A New Addition to My Food & Nutrition Guide

smoothie picSmoothies are an awesome addition to your daily diet and health regimen as they provide an easy and great tasting way to incorporate more nutritious, whole foods into your diet.

I hear all the time that people either do not have time or are not comfortable enough in the kitchen to properly prepare healthy meals. So, to counter this argument, we (myself and Lindsey Janeiro) stepped into The FBP Lab (my kitchen) to tackle this issue by creating a group of smoothies that are not only easy to make, but use ingredients that are both inexpensive, readily available and pack a huge nutritional punch.

For added nutrition, we included a whole food supplement into each recipe. These included such superfoods as: chia seeds, ground flax seeds and/or maca powder – these provided valuable nutrients not typically found in leafy greens or fruit, such as: soluble fiber, omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid.

What came from this big experiment is 5 smoothie recipes that we think tackle all of the major nutrition and taste problem areas that people experience every day consuming raw foods. Our smoothies include:

  • The Jolly Green Giant
  • Antioxidant Awesomeness
  • Fruit Burst
  • The Green Virgin
  • Energy Explosion

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