Get Energized and Improve Your Health Before 8am

Instead of constantly rolling over and hitting the snooze button on your clock or iPhone…

why not use those precious early morning hours to energize your body and fireup your metabolism. Follow these 4 simple steps to rock your mornings and your health!

First, start waking up at 6am – getting an earlier start to the day will help you get more accomplished and better organized to make healthy choices throughout the day. It will also help to reset your internal body clock to go to bed earlier.

1. 6am – 6:30am Do Some Light Stretching in Bed
Follow these 5 morning stretches to do in bed to awaken your body and get your blood flowing

2. 6:45am – 7:30am Go For a Morning Walk, Run or Bike Ride
Start slowly with a 5 min warm up and then work to a pretty good pace for the next 25minutes. Even 30 minutes of walking will have a big impact on how you physically feel throughout the day AND on your mental clarity…it’ll also help to jumpstart your metabolism. You can save your big workout or personal training session for after work.

3. 7:30am – 8am Breakfast
Make rolled oats on the stove, cooking only takes 10min, then top with a splash of Almond Milk, a dab of local honey or maple syrup and a handful of raw, unsalted walnuts and/or almonds.

4. Between 6:30am – 8am Drink 1 Liter of Water with Lemon (sipping, not gulping)
Use a 1 liter water bottle…add filtered room temperature water and the juice from half a lemon. Now, don’t chug the water down. Sip it throughout the morning. This will help to wake up your internal organs, and detox/flush out the previous days food intake. Also, you’ll just feel better drinking it than pumping your body full of coffee first thing in the morning. You can still have the coffee, just after the lemon water is done.

Rinse and Repeat every morning. You should start to see some real changes in the way your body feels throughout the day, as well as some physical changes taking place within the first few weeks.

Remember, good health starts each morning!

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