Strength Training – An Essential For Healthy Aging

We’ve all heard the term “aging gracefully”…

hearing this phrase, most people believe that aging is primarily controlled by genetics. This is untrue…while genetics do play a role, they are hardly the most important element for looking and feeling great as we age.

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is the most important thing you can do to keep a radiant glow as you age. And, a healthy, active lifestyle should include strength training.

Some of the benefits of strength training as it realtes to aging are:

  • creates lean muscle which is great for losing AND maintaining weight
  • helps prevent injury by increasing flexibility, mobility, balance and joint range of motion
  • strengthens your heart by lowering blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol, essentially helping to prevent heart disease
  • helps prevent age related diseases, such as: osteoporosis and¬†Alzheimer’s

Learn about the popularity of exercise in different age groups in this infographic.


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