Soda & Soft Drinks – Negatively Impacting Your Weight & Health

If you dont already know, soda is one of the most, if not the MOST, unhealthy beverage product you can consume. Soda, both regular and diet, have been linked to obesity, as well as multiple chronic diseases and longterm negative health conditions. Not only are soda’s loaded with sugar, but also contain a long list of nasty chemicals that help flavor and preserve the beverage.

Soda is often the first food/beverage product that both doctors and personal trainers recommend cutting for those looking to lose weight and increase energy levels.

Perhaps the biggest age demographic negatively affected by soda are children and teens. Soda is often linked to child obesity, as it is not uncommon for overweight children to be consuming 1,000 to 2,000 calories per day just from soda (source: WebMD). As it is, soda’s are inexpensive and readily available to children at school through vending machines scattered around campus.

The infographic below highlights how the ingredients found in soda can affect your body and health. Also, scroll below for a list of tasty beverages to try instead of soda, plus my soda alternative recipe.

* one interesting fact that is not present in the below infographic is that within 10 minutes of consuming 1 can of regular soda, 10 teaspoons of sugar (your total recommended daily intake) enter your system and ready for digestion. YIKES! Within 20 minutes your blood sugar begins to spike and your liver begins to turn any sugar it can find into fat.

Harmful Soda

Healthy Alternatives to Soda and Soft Drinks:

Hot Tea – choose either green, black or oolong teas for the most antioxidant benefits. Look for brands that use whole leaf…which, basically keeps the tiny leaves intact instead of mincing them up…it makes for a less processed, better quality tea. Good brands: Mighty Leaf, Two Leaves and a Bud, Teavana

My Fountain of Youth Water – it’s delicious and easy to make. It is hydrating, energizing, promotes healthy skin and helps to detox the body. Click here for the recipe

Fresh Squeezed Juice – not store bought juice, rather juice that you make yourself using a juicer and fresh produce. This is one of the healthiest (and, tastiest) things you can do for your body. The combinations are endless and the nutrients bountiful!

Tangy Seltzer Soda Recipe – this is a better choice than standard soda and soft drinks (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite). Also, if it’s the fizzing action of the soda that you enjoy, then this will easily satisfy that craving. So, to prepare: Pour a glass of seltzer water (I suggest White Rock Seltzer), squeeze the juice from half a lemon or lime, then add 1 packet or less of Stevia or Sugar In The Raw sweetener. Mix lightly and enjoy. You can even add a few fresh Mint leaves, if you like. I do recommend limiting yourself to only 1 or 2 servings per day.

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