Slow Down, Smell the Roses & Be Thankful :)

Americans are busy, busy, busy…

Everything about our modern culture is fast paced and full of distractions. We Americans tend to take so many things for granted…often forgetting that even during rough economic times we are still greatly blessed with abundant food, clean water and a sturdy home. I understand the importance of progress, but sometimes (and, more often than not) we need to take a moment to stop and smell the roses, be thankful for what we have and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I understand that it can be challenging to carve out some “down time” to decompress, unwind and reflect…but, I challenge you to take some “you” time everyday. Take 30 minutes each day to enjoy a casual walk or sit still and rest without watching TV, checking your iphone or thinking about work.

The infographic below provides some incredible stats on American life and culture…some of which greatly affect our health.

You might think that some of the stats below are unrelated to your health…but, that would be wrong. Exercise, Nutrition, Rest and Personal Relationships are the cornerstone of our physical and mental health.

To some, personal relationships might seem odd to include, but it’s one of the biggest influencing factors on your health and quality of life. Strong relationships with your friends and family promote happiness. Dont forgot: strong body without strong mind = poor overall health

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