Strength Training: The Key to Building Both A Strong Body AND Mind

The phrase strength training often conjures up images of bulky body builders lifting heavy weights. However, there’s really much more to strength training than just focusing on increasing muscle size (mass). In fact, strength training really is the most effective way to both tone and sculpt your body, as well as improve cardiovascular function, while building a stronger core to benefit posture and overall comfort.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of strength training is found in the long term benefits received as you age, which include:

  • heightens motor skills (for better balance and coordination)
  • strengthens bones (preventing fractures & osteoporosis)
  • better posture (eases low back pain, improves overall comfort & respiratory function)
  • enhances your body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels (helps prevent diabetes)
  • improves blood flow and muscle endurance (greatly increasing energy levels)

But, perhaps the thing that I love most about strength training is the power and self confidence people receive as they reach their goals and push past their limits, unlocking strength they never new they had. It truly is rewarding and NEVER gets old!

The infographic below highlights 10 Additional Reasons to and Benefits of Strength Training…very interesting info Enjoy!

Lift: 10 Reasons to Strength Train

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