Take Your Fitness Around the Globe: Top Triathlons Around The World

A lot of people begin their fitness journey with a goal of competing in either a local race, marathon or triathlon. I think these are fun goals to have as they allow you to see your fitness level progress…not just with how you look, but how your body performs (and, improves) overtime.

For triathlons, you don’t have to be a major contender to register…just participating can be a lot of fun, as most races are held in interesting locations, have really cool entertainment and it’s a great place to meet new, like-minded, health conscience people.

So, I thought I would share the Top 25 Triathlons From Around the World in hopes of inspiring you to take your fitness out into the world…to meet new people, inspire others and push yourself to move past your limits and unlock your power!

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Worlds Top 25 Triathlons

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