Sitting…Why It’s the Silent Killer

Your body was created to be a moving machine…walking, running, jumping, stretching…all are exercises that were once needed to live and survive, as food had to be caught or gathered and the body had to be able to withstand much harsher living conditions than we experience in today’s modern world.

Today, most of us remain sedentary for the vast majority of the day, most often due to working at an office and sitting in front of the computer all day. However, in today’s work culture of office/desk/chair design + computers + phones are all designed to keep you stationary, not needing to move off your bum! Well, below are some quick facts about how sitting for extended periods of time each day will cause major harm to both your cardiovascular and your musculature systems.

I hope this encourages you to:

  • get up earlier and take a morning walk
  • take a walk during your lunch break…the fresh air and movement will help your blood circulate and keep you energized for the rest of the day
  • workout each afternoon after you leave the office…and, if you need a workout buddy or someone to help you get started, then give me a call…i’d be happy to help!

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